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Our Blog

Please note that I certainly didn't set the blog up as "my blog". Anyone who wants to blog there is completely welcome. I think it would be great, especially for events that lead up to RE Bar Camp & Inman Connect. Much of that content ended up on Active Rain last summer. I think it would be great to make the blog a home base for that stuff this year. Also, I was totally lucky that the template I was playing with for Blog Fiesta worked right out of the box with Mike's logo. Awesome logo Mike! -- Todd

Other blogs and feeds

(perhaps consolidate this with the SocialMedia and feeds section? --Raines)


Redmol.com - SF Real Estate Bar Camp 08

Announcing RE Bar Camp 2008: An Unconference for the Real Estate Community

GeekEstate Blog


MyEast BayAgent- Reinforcing the RE.net Community with RE BarCamp


Mike's Corner - MLBroadcast Blog

Phoenix Real Estate Guy


LaneBailey on TwitterI will be posting updates throughout RE Bar Camp and Inman

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