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Page history last edited by Raines Cohen 14 years, 6 months ago


I will be bringing a projector and MacBook - m.price


Projector, White Boards <--I have a envision projector that could be compatible with a laptop if this is helpful ( this might be provided by the venue it seems) - Brad | We have a couple mobile InFocus projectors we can bring. 2 x InFocus 120LP & 1 x InFocus LP70+ - Justin

Photo I smell a flickr bomb coming - Andy

Video <--You know I'm always down for some video-- Zebra | You mind if I join you Zebra? - Rudy

Audio <-- Is this a PA request or an audio documentation request?

Streaming or Stickam or Skype <--I'll look into some options here-- Zebra | Shall we try Mogulus? Maybe the connection will be better than in NYC - Rudy





I talked with the events coordinator at the Swedish American Hall/Cafe Du Nord tonight. The have availablility with 3 different rooms to choose from depending on the size of our group. Can we speculate this number yet? The great thing about the Hall is that we can also do a piggy-back option and take over the bar - Cafe Du Nord - afterwords for a party with drinks and appetizers from 5:30-8:00. At 8:30, they open to the public with live music. Cost for the day runs $1,000 - $2,500 depending on our needs. At the $1,000 level we are looking at a room that would seat 50-75 and the $2,500 option would be the "Ballroom" which I understand we would need at least 100 people. The ballroom is 2 floors with extra rooms that we could use for break-out sessions. If this sounds like an option, I think we arrange to go by and take a look. - Brad

Update 5/7 Done deal -- It's going down at the SAH.


Swedish American Hall pics: http://www.swedishamericanhall.com/">http://www.swedishamericanhall.com/




Lunch- I was thinking something 'california' and then some other options. I have a sushi hookup and can arrange for a bunch of trays & was thinking maybe some catered BBQ or a sandwich bar besides that??? - Andy

Coffee/Tea - I will pick up some really good Colombian coffee from my trip to South America!


Tables and chairs

After Party - How the F did we forget the after party? Brad, Ginger, any input? I have DJ friends who would prob be down to spin at any party we throw. Recommended locations: The Public

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