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(moved here from home page to declutter and focus on day-of-event info there) --Raines




Everyone blog about it!!


Swag - Trulia gear - Rudy


I made my own "I'm Going" badge based off Mike's great logo. Anyone is welcome to use it. I uploaded it to the wiki files page, or it's on lenderama- Todd

I can build and host a blog for the event. I guess just about anyone can do it, but I'm offering. - done - Todd Carpenter

I'll work on getting a twitter acct set up - Andy RE_BarCamp Twitter Account is Live

We will need a press release as well. Any takers for this? - Press release is finished and added to the files - Press Release - Thanks Ginger! - Emailed to Jessica Swesey at Inman 1/23 - Andy


BTW, changed unconference to participant-created conference due to the request of the original BarCamp organizers - Thread



New REBarcamp Logos in the files section. rebarcamp_08_new.zip has a .png .jpg and .ai version. ~MP the png and jpg are at 150 dpi, if you need higher res just ping me @mlbroadcast on twitter or mprice (at) mlbroadcast.com



Final Version of Logo above, download Hi-Res Files from the file archive. Below is a blog/sidebar badge. I think it would be best for everyone to link to the new blog at http://www.rebarcamp.com any thoughts on this?


--O.K. I uploaded a file called barcamp.zip to the files directory, it has a barcamp.png, barcamp.psd and barcamp.ai (adobe illustrator) file in the archive. I will upload some blog and web badges for everyone to use later today. ` Mike

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