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Andy Kaufman 



Mike Price

Todd Carpenter

Brad Coy

Greg Tracy - I'm heading up the task force to discover Kris Berg's "magic word".

Joel Burslem

The Zebra

Ginger Wilcox

Kristal Kraft

Reggie Nicolay

Nicole Nicolay

Jay Thompson - let me know how I can help!

Rudy Bachraty

Stephen Joos

James Eberhard

Kris Berg - my very limited talents are available to the first one to use the magic word.

Nick Bostic - I'll help in any way I can

Diane Cohn - Let me know what you need!

Brian Requarth - Ready to help in anyway

Dustin Luther

Drew Meyers

Jon Strum

Danielle McArthur

G. Dewald I'm handy with video/audio/photography but am willing to help with whatever needs to be done.

Cindy Lin -- hey, i won't get back from the stagers' conference till the night before. but if you need anything, just ask!

Kelley Koehler - Am driving in and arriving the day before. Happy to help, I am an excellent do-er of things.

Teresa Boardman - I must have something to contribute

Jeff Turner

Kevin Sharkey - I will be in town on the 21st and will be happy to do anything that needs to be done. Cell phone 612-237-7326

Mike Simonsen

Alex Neth

Mark Eckenrode

Justin LaJoie

Ines Hegedus-Garcia

Eugene Lee - Bay Area local with a wide open weekend; what better volunteer can there be? As the others, happy to help :)

Chris McCann - Cal Poly San Luis Obispo student - I am excited to help out!

Lane Bailey - Anything I can do to help I am up for! Just let me know.

Matt Fagioli - I'm up for anything. How can I help?

Jason Berman - I'll be there to help set up on Monday.


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Participants (aka Campers)

TaeWoo Kim

Andy Kaufman

Mike Price 

Todd Carpenter

Brad Coy

Joel Burslem

Benn Rosales

Lani Rosales

The Zebra

Ginger Wilcox

Kristal Kraft

Kelley Koehler

Reggie Nicolay

Nicole Nicolay

Jay Thompson

Rudy Bachraty

Stephen JoosJames Eberhard

Kris Berg

Morgan Brown

Diane Cohn

Brian Columbus

Jon Strum

Karim Tahawi

Jeff Corbett 

G. Dewald

Cindy Lin

Grant and Gia Freer

Teresa Boardman

Keith T. Garner

Mike Simonsen

Kevin Sharkey

Alex Neth

Mark Eckenrode

Justin LaJoie

Fred Glick

Rhonda Porter

Jeff Bogert

Brad Inman

Eugene Lee

Chad Huck

Chris McCann

Lane Bailey

Matt Fagioli

Jason Berman

Jessie Beaudoin

Heather Elias

Chris Drayer

Vinod Nair

Adam Glickman - aka aglick35

Jonathan Cardella

Payam Soleymani

Raines Cohen

Brian Fudge

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Long Distance Participants


Alistair Helm (New Zealand)


Paul | Mortgage Broker Canada

Magnus Svantegård, Sweden (Datscha & thebeliever.se)

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