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Scheduled Sessions - Please click on ones you participate in to share notes and continue the conversation


timeBack RoomFront Room 1Front Room 2Front Room 3
11 AM BlogSurvey SocialNetworks ForeClosure2 ThreeOutcomes
Noon AltosResearch VideoBasics101 PayForPerformance TrainingCoaching
Noon RetsResoSyndication MyTechBase
1 PM Lunch
2 PM BlogNetworks ProBonoRe PodCasting
2 PM ForeClosures BeginningBlog TwitterBizCase
2 PM Web2Marketing
3 PM ViciousGossip FlickrMore GuerillaMarketing
4 PM MortgageIndustry SearchDashboard CommentManagement

5 PM FsboExpireds ListingDistribution Real Estate D3 (see below


Proposed Sessions

We'll edit this page during the event to reflect actual sessions and times, and then each session will link to its page where we can share notes and materials

Place your name next to a topic in which you would like to facilitate a discussion around.


Had enough of the anecdotal evidence and conventional wisdom on the results real estate professionals are producing in their blogging efforts? Get to the bottom of what agents and brokers are really doing and finding effective in this session ripped from the pages of the Center for Real Estate & Social Technologies' (CREST) real estate blogging survey. During this talk, you'll:

1. get a sneak peek at the first CREST survey results

2. discover how the survey results fit into your context

3. have the opportunity to ask questions of the survey authors, and

4. discuss the findings with your fellow real estate bloggers. -- Danilo Bogdanovic & Ben Martin


Twitter Tactics: How to fit Twitter into your online strategy (List of REnet Twitter Users)


Understanding your customers through web traffic analysis (maybe in workshop format if anyone wants to volunteer their stats login) -- G.Dewald


Tips on building a group blog - Dustin


Build a thriving personal community w/ micromedia & socnets - Andy


New & better commission structures for agents - Karim


These were brainstormed during our webinar on 2/22


how to operate in a cloud, accessing data from various points

mobile technology- James and I would be interested in speaking on this- Stephen Joos


listing syndication - let's simplify - please- Mike Price


foreclosures using web 2.0 to help consumers


trends in marketing moving toward new media marketing


sponsors with cool tools should share how tools can help - HomePerks


Mortgage Bar Camp, the Bar Camp in a Bar Camp for mortgage professionals - Todd Carpenter


12 step program bring agents up to speed- technology assessment


educational plan of action


re business plan


marketing plan - Mark Eckenrode (HomeStomper)


"Choosing simple" the basics on building an online presence from the ground up- Brad Coy


How to teach others technology -- Cindy Lin (I can either moderate or talk. I will be speaking to 250 stagers previous week on using online tool to maximize business based on my personal experiences in running my business. Can speak on something along the same line, although I think most attendees are already masters at those things, they probably don't need my help on that! I also taught in school and public yoga classes before, so I am pretty comfortable speaking on teaching)


future of real estate - Jon Strum


transaction/contact management


video in real estate - Brad Inman, Morgan & Graeme Brown, (TurnHere)




transaction A-Z online


NAR talk- Frances


diffusing blog wars - I could chat on this... Jay T.

Kris B. (AKA Barbie) - Let me help!


need moderators/speakers committed


Using Flickr as part of your online marketing strategy - T <-- would love to hear T's take on this. Jay T. I would be happy to contribute T


Social networking with photography, photos as social objects. T -- could talk on this too.


"Writing for SEO vs. Writing for Readers", I'd love to talk on this -- Jay T.


"Effective Group Blogging", I'd love to hear someone talk on this. -- Jay T.


"Altos User Group" - we'd like to invite our friends and partners together to play with the market data resources for sites, blogs, mobile, lead gen. Show new people how to use the free Altos Research stuff; get into advanced uses, a little Q&A, etc., with folks already familiar with Altos. - Mike Simonsen Altos Research


"RETS Stuff" - Matt Lavallee and I (Keith Garner) can talk about RETS/RESO stuff, including Syndication.


"Podcasting for Real Estate" - Jason Berman - Would like to connect with other fledgling podcasters. Equipment, Sound issues, etc.


  • add your topic...


Topics I would like to hear about


I would like to know how people are managing lead conversion with their blogs. If you're getting good traffic and good leads, how are you managing to turn all those inquiries into actual closed transactions... and if you're getting a lot of activity, how are you managing the stress? - Diane

I could write a book on the topic Diane, it has been almost three years and I have learned a lot.


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Real Estate D3 See my blog http://thebirthofwebd3.blogspot.com/ & How I still was able to help people with 3 day Auctions & Am now doing Lease To Purchases for for High income tech workers who can't qualify for Loans from traditional Banks (I also have my online sources for loans when they are needed http://www.prosper.com & http://www.kiva.org/app.php?page=businesses ;-). But can EASILY pay a larger monthly Payment because it is a tax write off (Instead of Renting because their is no Renters Credit in California & it Helps the Buyers Cash Flow & Credit Rating) )in paying an Owner issued Note. This also helps the Owner because they control the sale Price & maximize the Monthly Profit on the property. YES. It taught me how the Real Estate Market Really Works & how I can Get a Win-Win Deal Done without needing Bank financing. Here is 1 I did http://ak2con.angelfire.com/ak2consultingAmentechbestbid.html



I also use My Custom designed Google search engine I designed (You can contribute Real Estate property sites to http://www.google.com/coop/cse?cx=000088204581519071205%3A7zwc7giyfvm & OODLE API classified ad search mashup http://www.angelfire.com/planet/classadsearch/index.html & google custom search Omega search sites http://www.angelfire.com/planet/classadsearch/classadsarchomega.html to find Properties & receive Google Alerts.

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